Introduction: I Need Help Naming This Knex Gun

This Is just a type of knex gun I have never seen before so I wanted to try it.

Step 1: Inspiration

I just got bored and I look at nerf guns to come up with ideas and I found 2 I liked, the cross-bolt, and the ripchain you can see I combined my favorite parts of both guns into mine.

Step 2: Pros About the Gun

1. It actually works
2. Short pull back
3.12 round belt
4 Comfortable
5 Guide for hammer system is rock solid
6. Can hold one handed
7. Can shoot white and blue rods

Step 3: Cons for the Gun

1. Weak trigger system
2. Weak belt
3. Flimlsy where belt hooks on
4. Long reload
5. Have to manually turn belt for each round (For Now)
6. Can be hard to pull back sometimes (I'm trying to fix this)
7. Really short range ( trigger can't hold alot of pressure)
8. Lots of Grey connectors for belt
9. Lots of rods sticking out
10. No stopper for belt when its loaded (trying to make something)
11. Has cut rods for Hammer Ram

Step 4: Future for This Gun

I plan on making this alot better right now this is just a prototype I came up with. There will be more versions, I'll just add them to the end of this instrucable.
Let me know what you think of this.