Introduction: Impossible Structure , Simple Way to Make From Popsicle Sticks

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I made impossible structure from few popsicle sticks and nylon string, this phenomenon called tensegrety.

Here is a link to video


8 popsicle sticks

some nylon string

super glue

flat blade or utility blade ( to cut the sticks)

1/8 drill bit

Step 1: Step One

On a piece of paper draw a 3" circle, mark the middle and then slit in 6 equal sides, draw connecting line ( see image or video) in triangle shape, that will be your template with angles

Step 2: Step 2.

measuring and cutting pospsicle sticks.

take 6 popsicle sticks and using paper template mark 30 degree angle on popsicle stick and make it the same length as as long side of triangle template.

Then make 2 triangle pieces and mark one corner to get notched to fit longer stick. and glue the corneres after the notch is done.

Take another 2 popsicle sticks and cut one side at 90 degree angle and measure long plus short side and make 60 degree cut.

Step 3:

Now cut small triangle pieces from popsicle sticks to fit on each triangle corners for the support. Glue a longer stick into a notched triangle corner, and now you can drill holes, one hole on each end of longer stick, in each corner of one triangle base and in the middle of the sides on another triangle base.

Step 4:

This is final step:

take nylon string and feed it through the holes and make knots on one side and make knotes on both sides connecting longer angled sticks making sure two opposite ends of structure not touching each other, now you have to decide how long outside string going to be by holding some tension on the middle string that you already tied off.