Introduction: Indian Dosa

-Dosa is popular indian breakfast. It is crispy pan cake made with rice and split black gram(urad dal).

-This is very simple to make with batter fermentation.By adding finger millet flour(Ragi) you can make it even more healthy.


-Half cup urad dal( split black gram)

-one and 1/4 cup rice

-1/8tsp fenugreek seeds


-poha(puffed rice about 2 tbsp -optional)

-cooking oil

Fingermillet(ragi dosa)

-1 cup fingermillet flour is added to above batter.

Step 1: Soaking:

-Wash rice and split black gram(urad dal) with water

- Add fenugreek seeds and soak in water for about 4 to 5hrs

Step 2: Blending

-After 4 hrs transfer to blender or food processor and just squeeze poha(flattened rice) in water and add to it.

-By adding water slowly blend to a smooth paste of pouring consistency which should not be totally liquid like or too thick.

( Adding poha ( flattened rice) is optional)

Step 3: Ferment:

- Add salt to batter and allow to ferment for 12hrs for normal dosa.

-For ragi dosa add 1cup of ragi(finger millet) flour to the above blended batter using same measurements and ferment for 12hrs.(Dissolve ragi flour in little water and add so that their are no lumps)-Finally you adjust it to pouring consistency by adding water if it is too thick.

-Prepare dosa in same way .Ragi is rich in fibre,proteins, calcium with very less unsaturated fats.

-Ragi is also best food for diabetic patients in controlling sugar levels.It helps in treating anemia, aids proper digestion and has multiple roles.

( you can even add wheat flour instead of ragi to same batter to prepare wheat flour dosa)

Step 4: Onion Chutney:

-You can serve dosa with this onion chutney.


-1 big onion

-2 tbsp sesame seeds



-tamarind extracted juice 2 tsp

Step 5: Preparing Onion Chutney:

-Take a vessel and add oil to it.

-Add diced onions ,sesame seeds and cook at very low flame until they loose raw smell and are cooked.

Step 6: Blending:

-Take the blender and add fried onions and sesame seeds and blend to smooth paste by adding little water.

-Next step is to temper.Take oil add cumin,mustard seeds. when they splutter add onion sesame paste.

-Add paprika,coriander, salt and soaked tamarind extract and give a mix.

-serve with dosa.

Step 7: Make Dosa:

-To prepare dosa take a nonstick pan and set it in medium flame. Brush the pan with a tsp oil.

-Pour little batter in the center of the pan.

-Using bottom of the laddle spread the batter outward in circular motion.This should be done little quickly. drizzle little oil at the corners.

-Leave dosa batter until the outer edges turn little brown and its dry.when bottom is totally brown and crispy flip it.

- serve it hot with onion chutney.

Step 8: Enjoy Dosa With Onion Chutney

Here you can see diffrence in color of batter and also dosa color for normal and ragi (finger millet)

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