Introduction: Indian Independence Themed Dot/Pointillism Painting

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I painted this work for Indian Independence day. Hope you like my work

Detailed video tutorial is also available. Feel free to check it


Acrylic colors, Dotting tools, Canvas/MDF board as base

Fevicryl - Black, White
Camlin - 335 Permanent Blue Light ( Sea Base) 358 Phthalo Blue (Sky base) 331 Permanent Green Deep (Flag and Plants) 036 Cadmium Grreen Pale (Plants) 026 Brilliant Yellow Green(Plants)

Step 1: Painting the Background

My scene for this painting is the Indian Flag is hoisted with Mountains, sea and Independence day flight parade in the background.

I colored the flag, for mountains I used black as base, for sky - 358 Phthalo Blue, for sea - Camlin - 335 Permanent Blue Light

Step 2: Painting Mountains and Plants

For mountains, I used brown color and gave gradient effect by adding white to it.

For plants, I used various green shades (mentioned in supplies)

Step 3: Painting Sky, Sea and Flight Parade Scene

For the color smoke I used light blue as base

For sky filling light blue was used and for sea dark blue was used

On top on the base, Indian tricolor was painted in the flight parade scene

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Step 4: