Introduction: Infinity Paper Clip Ring

Learn how to make a ring out of paper clips!!

Step 1: Materials

Gather your materials (Two small paper clips, a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, a marker, and a ruler).

Step 2: Unfold Paper Clips

Use your fingers and unfold the paper clips to make them as straight as possible.

Step 3: Original Length

Keep the first paper clip the original length.

Step 4: Cut the Second Paper Clip

Use the scissors to cut the second paper clip 2 inches long.

Step 5: Bend the First Paper Clip

Use the pliers to bend one half of the first paper clip to make a loop.

Step 6: Identical Loop

Then use the pliers to bend the other half of the same paper clip in the opposite direction and make and identical loop.

Step 7: Size the Infinity Sign

Play around with the infinity sign until it looks the way you want. The sign should be slightly bigger than the width of your desired finger.

Step 8: Cut Off Excess

Cut off any excess paper clip with the scissors.

Step 9: Shape the Ring Base

Use the second paper clip and wrap it around one half of the marker to create the shape of the base ring.

Step 10: Make Small Loops

Use the pliers to make small loops facing outward at the end of the paper clip on both sides.

Step 11: Hook on the Sign

Hook each side of the infinity sign into each loop on the ring base.

Step 12: Tighten the Loops

Use the pliers to tighten each loop on the ring around the infinity sign.

Step 13: Cut Off Excess

Cut off any excess paper clip off the ring.

Step 14: Mold the Ring

Mold the ring into a complete circle.

Step 15: Wear It!

Put the ring on your finger, and rock it! Enjoy!