Introduction: INSTASCOPE: the World's Simplest Telescope

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This is a telescope made out of two magnifying lenses and nothing more!

These pictures are not very clear, but when you look through it with only your eyes it looks very sharp.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Two magnifying lenses

An eye which is connected to your brain via a few nerves

Two hands that are fixed onto arms.

Step 2: How It Works:

Hold the two lenses like shown in the picture.

Look through the smaller lens and move the big lens closer or further from the small lens to focus.

The image will come upside down.

The big lens zooms the image and the small lens makes it clear. (or the other way round in more complex telescopes)

This was invented by Hans Lippershey. He was a Dutch eyeglass maker, he used this same method.

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