Introduction: Instructableswho? Game Number 2

About: I'm16 and in my free time I control cockroaches, weld, make canoes from duct tape, 3D print, make helmets, light big pieces of wood on fire, and other awesome stuff

Like the members on this site, The Robot's family consists of woodworkers, chefs, pirates, metal workers, and many others. But often these robots go unnoticed, some viewers don't know they exist. Recently I photographed them in their natural element and now is the time to show them to the world!

Step 1: Print This!

Ah, the humble printer, workhorse of the corporate world and long lost relative of The Robot, is very useful when you want to put an image to paper.

Step 2: Saw

Though still distantly related to The Robot, the circular saw is a bit aggressive, so I like to use hand saws when cutting two 1ft x 1ft squares out of plywood.

Step 3: X-acto

A general rule of thumb with robots is if they are sharp they are unfriendly. So again, I use non-electronic tools when cutting twenty-eight 1.5in x 1in holes and one 8cm x 26cm hole on two pieces of thin plywood from Michael's.

Step 4: Cut and Paste and Cut and Paste and Cut and Paste and Cut and Paste

But some robots are extremely helpful like the robots that make non-wrinkle glue sticks for when you need to glue pieces of paper to the spots that are marked.

Step 5: Glue, Glue, Glue

Though rare, the glue robot is useful. But when you can't find one to super glue 56 hinges to 56 pieces of oak wood that are 1in x 1.5in and then glue them to the plywood right under the holes, humans are required.

Step 6: Box Corners

Contrary to popular belief, electric drills are very friendly and can easily screw 1cm tall box corners to the edges of two pieces of plywood that are on top of each other!

Step 7: It All Hinges on This Step

Again, electric drills are super friendly and are only happy to oblige when someone needs two sets of two hinges that are bolted together to be screwed onto the top of two boards.

Step 8: Blowtorch

Sadly, I've never met or heard of a blowtorch robot. One would be useful when you want to give "burning questions" a new meaning by cutting out painters tape and blowtorching it onto two pieces of wood.

Step 9: Play!

For everyone who doesn't know how to look at robots, just look! it's not like Guess Who where you pick a robot and ask yes or no questions to find out your opponents' robot.

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