Introduction: Jewellery/Storage Box From Paper

hi all,
You will learn to make jewellery / storage box from paper. It is just an example. you can modify it by your own creativity. Share and support for more interesting videos

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Materials required

1. Paper 2. cardboard 3. Paint / Color paper 4. Glue 5. Scissors

Step 1: Make Paper Tubes by Placing Pen or Smooth Stick at One Corner and Roll It Gently and Glue at the End

Step 2: Make Several Paper Tubes

Step 3: Press the Tubes to Make It Flat

Step 4: Take Cardboard of Size 6x12 Cm and 6x6 Cm and 6 Cm Dia

Step 5: Wrap It With Color Paper or Paint Them

Step 6: Place the Tubes of Equal Size on the Cardboard

Step 7: Cut the Extra Edges of the Paper Tubes

Step 8: Similarly Attach the Paper Tubes for the Remaining Portions

Step 9: I Used Yellow Color to Wrap the Inner Portions of the Cardboard

Step 10: Similarly Place the Paper Tubes on the Paper to Make It Flexible

Step 11: Attach All the Parts Together and Our Jewellery Box Is Ready for Storage