Introduction: Jigsaw Maze Pieces

This is a set of jigsaw based maze puzzles i created that join together to create and endless amount of maze puzzles.

Right now there are 4 unique square pieces, and 2 unique hexagon and triangle pieces as well as start finish and edge blocker pieces.


The files are designed to be either 3d printed and used with a 3mm ball bearing, laser engraved (and cut at edge), or just printed onto paper then cut out.

Therefore, for each shape there is 3 files : a .stl, .svg and .png file

Step 1: Files:

these are all of the shapes in all file types to fit your needs

Step 2: Images of Each Piece

Step 3: What I Intend to Do in the Future of This Project

i intend to keep adding to this collection of designs as well as trying to print some of these parts on my desktop 3d printer. If i won this competition i would definitely use the amazon card to get a k40 laser and try laser engraving some of these designs.

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