Introduction: Super Sized Cardboard Pencil

this is a super sized cardboard pencil i created that has a support section inside that holds a real pencil in position to be used.



decent knife

glue gun


printer if using included template

Step 1: Making a Net to Cut Out

use the provided template or draw your own onto some cardboard

my design is 300mm long for the main body, 240mm wide (before scoring and bending) and the triangles inside are 40mm equilateral while the cone ones are 60mm tall

Step 2: Cutting and Scoring

cut out the pieces then score them along internal lines using a ruler and knife pressed less hard.

score all lines and cut all lines on outside of shape. only score on one side

Step 3: Gluing

use a glue gun to first build up the main body and support system then add the cone part and hexagon on the end

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