Introduction: MONEY BOX COIN SORT - Silly Solutions

This is a fun way or sorting and storing your spare change. It is designed to accept all current UK coins in dedicated slots. most of the design is intended to be laser cut from 3mm acrylic or 3mm plywood with the exception of the plugs at the bottom which are 3D printed.

With school being closed right now I cant cut the design out but i can use my desktop printer to print out some example plugs

If i won i would put the voucher towards hopefully getting a k40 laser on amazon


filament for plugs

3d printer

laser cutter

at least m^2 of material including clear acrylic and your choice of other material (i think plywood looks nice and is cheap)

Step 1: Files

here are all the parts in two groups - wood and acrylic (also the plug .stl file)

all parts to be cut in 3mm material

print the plug with supports on current orientation

all .svg files need to be cut ONCE and the .stl file x8 times

Step 2: Assembly

start with the largest middle acrylic piece then attach the bottom container and then place the other chute panels in front and behind. Finally push the two side pieces on which hold all the other pieces in place and use some adhesive to secure them.

Add the plugs at the bottom

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