Introduction: Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk1

About: Father and Son build team.

We are building a full Judge Dredd (Carlo Ezquerra style) costume. Here is the Lawgiver Mk1.

Step 1: Making the Base Shape

This was scaled from pictures sourced from the 2000ad comics. We started with the size of the gun handle (based on my hand) them scaled the rest of the body from it. Its made of 2 layers of 'floor mat' foam (12mm), glued with ados f2 glue, with a piece of metal encased inside the handle for weight.

Step 2: Adding the Barrel and Related Accessories

The barrel, rear sight, flash suppressor and chamber were created using existing cylindrical objects of the right size. The trigger guard is a piece of plastic bent and inserted / glued into cuts in the body. The barrel extends through the main body to give rigidity and ensure alignment end-to-end.

Step 3: Adding Details to Base Gun

After completing the base gun, the details were added using 2mm foam, glued using ados f2. Some builders bog was used to tidy up rough cuts to the foam.

Step 4: Painting

First coat was an etching primer, second was a base metalic grey automotive paint, Weathering was done using a fine brush with two types of silver paint.