Introduction: Juice Carton Wasp Trap!

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Tired of wasps invading your garden space? Of course you are! This instructable will show you how to make a trap that will catch loads (if not all!) of the wasps flying around your garden within a few hours.

My reasoning behind this project is as follows:
I was surfing the web for wasp solutions, and I found out that a company was selling wasp traps...
I found this ridiculous! I was set on making my own wasp trap ASAP!

Check out the other trap here!:

Step 1: Preparations

Any juice (or milk) carton with a lid should work for this instructable. What you will need:
A sweet liquid
Tape (optional)

Make sure NOT to wash the carton before use, because the orange bits help to attract wasps.

Step 2: Open the Carton

Opening the carton should be fairly simple. Just pull the tabs on the side of the carton and open fully

Step 3: Baiting the Trap

It's not a secret that wasps LOVE sweet things... So what I'm using here is sweet jam, and sweet cranberry juice.

You don't need to use too much liquids, because as long as its a few inches deep, the wasps will be stuck for good!

Step 4: Sealing Up the Trap

To finish the trap, you need to pull the tabs back to their original position, and staple them shut.

To make sure it was sealed properly, I added a small bit of electrical tape over the staples.

Step 5: Catching Some Wasps!

Place the trap down in a central location in your garden/patio. Remove the lid and watch the wasps pile in.

Note: my patio area is very windy, so I taped the trap onto the curb to secure it.

When all wasps are caught, replace the lid and dispose of the trap properly! Hope this helps with your wasp problems!

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