K'NEX Differential

Introduction: K'NEX Differential

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Differential I made up. Not the smallest, but still cool. Parts List: 4 Corner Gears, 1 Normal Gear (Or Corner), 1 Big Gear, 36 Black/Green Tiny Rods, 39 White Rods, 9 Red Rods, 1 Yellow Rods, 1 Gray/Black Long Rod, 10 Blue Connectors, 2 Gray Connectors, 26 Red Connectors, 12 White Connectors, 12 Green Connectors, 6 Blue Spacers, 12 Gray Spacers, 6 Blue Ends, 1 Motor

Step 1: Assembly (Central Box)

Make sure to allow the 2 yellow gears a little room to easily spin.

Step 2: Assembly (Outer Box) Part 1

Sides for the differential. Pretty important.

Step 3: Assembly (Outer Box) Part 2

After you have the sides done you can put holders for the two sides on, and put the middle in. Don't forget spacers! One gray spacer next to the white connector, and two blue and one gray spacer on the other side with the gear. Put the other side on and snap the red connectors to hold the sides together.

Step 4: Assembly (Outer Box) Final Part

Attaching the motor with 8 gray spacers. Gear holder. Then red or yellow gear. Then 2 more spacers. Don't forget the end pieces, and there you have it! Sorry if I miscounted any pieces. Comment if you have any questions.

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    Reply 7 years ago

    Please refer to my previous comment down below. Thanks!


    9 years ago

    Thanks! And a differential goes in cars. It's what allows one wheel to spin even if the other wheel isn't moving. I'm not a big car person so I can't explain it very well, but here is a video on YouTube that shows what mine would do. http://youtu.be/j3PyHgiaqdU