Introduction: Kap-40 Instructions

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This is the instructions for the Automatic Kap-40 I released a short time back. Please do look at the step descriptions since they have a lot of important info!!!!!! Good luck!

Step 1: Layer 1

Follow the pictures, Look at pic 3`s note!

Step 2: Layer 2/Handle

Please look at note on picture 4 , 6 and 7 for proper assembly.

Step 3: Layer 3

Build what is on the first picture and attach to the areas shown in the images. The white rod going through the green connector is a key part!!!

Step 4: Layer 4

Look at note on picture 1 and 3. Do note that the other half of the handle attaches to this layer (pic 4).

Step 5: Layer 5

Last layer!

Step 6: Banding and Loading/firing Instructions

Pic 1: The green connector sticking out (added on layer 3) should be banded like so, add however many bands you want.

Pic2: This is the part at the bottom where you load the bullets

Pic3: Load bullets this way for best results (The mag holds about 9 or 10 of these)

Pic4: Build this (ram rod)

After loading the bullets into the space at the bottom (mag) use the ram rod to force them up to the top part, to fire, force the ram rod up and the bullets should (if built correctly) fire out the top in an automatic like fashion as long as force is still being applied upward at a steady pace. To get it to fire just like an automatic and not a shotgun will take some practice. Enjoy!!!!

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