Introduction: The Punisher- a Knex Rifle

About: My main field of work is knex. I work to innovate and create things people just haven't thought to make. My secondary field of work is aquariums.

The Punisher is an old style breach rifle (Don't remember the term for it), where pull the bolt to open the breach, insert a bullet, and then close the breach, then you fire. I integrated a safety mode into the bolt so when you have it in a certain position (Pic3 note) the bullet cannot leave the gun. Note that the gun can be fired perfectly fine while the breach is still open. I did not make a stock due to lack of parts but a stock can very easily be added. Enough talk, lets get to stats:

Range: 30-40 ft (can easily be increased, I am just running low on rubber bands)

Ammo Capacity: 1

Ammo: Blue rod (ammo any larger can be used but must be muzzle loaded

Reload time: Fairly quick

Accuracy: Good



-Fun to use

-Fairly Sturdy

-Powerful (if only I had more rubber bands)

-Safety Mode


-Not suitable for a knex war

-Iron sights can be confusing to use to those new to the gun

-Cover for breach can brake off when not used correctly, although it only takes 5 seconds to repair this

-Firing while in safety mode will jam the gun (as intended, but if safety mode is accidently triggered before firing it, it can be seen as a bother)

If anyone wants instructions for the gun just says so in the comments!

Step 1: