Introduction: Knex Automatic Kap-40

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  1. This is my Knex Automatic Kap-40. I give some credit to The Red Book of Westmarch since I used the body shape of his model Kap-40 to make my automatic Kap-40. Yes, I do know I left out the trigger guard (it is too small for me). The automatic mechanism works great and I will post instructions if asked. Now, lets get to those lovely statistics:

Ammo: Grey Connector

Ammo Capacity: 9

Rate of Fire: High

Reloading time: Slow (thinking of adding removable magazine mechanism)

Range: Short

Accuracy: Not very

The automatic mechanism is similar to those put into a lot of Uzi`s on this site, it was not hard to incorporate but it took me so long since I was attempting to add a kick back feature where a slide on the top would be moved backwards each time it shot. The kick back mechanism was successful but rendered the gun nearly useless in combat due to its very low range and high inaccuracy, you would have had better luck just throwing the ammo at your targets, so I ended up scrapping the kick back mechanism.


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