Introduction: Kawaii Jar Organizers

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Hello there! My name is Crafty Dragon, my little dragon there is named Ping and we've been very busy lately. We normally upload one instructable and one blog post per weekend but school has been keeping us busy, so we just have not had the time. But I've been saving these jars for quite a long time for this project and figured, let's finish this up, shall we? So I finally finished the project and am ready to share it with you. These are Kawaii jar organizers. These are insanely useful. They could be planters, vases, pen holders, or just about anything you like. And if you have been following me for a bit, you know I LOVE jars. My first blog post (yes the one with dreadful photography) was making an ocean inspired jar. My last instructable was how to make jar candles. And today I will show you how to make kawaii jars. Let's get to it!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Jars (no dur)

Acrylic Paint (and if you want to cut corners, spray paint)


If your jars are still sticky from wrappers, get a bowl of warm water and some dish soap and clean them up.

Step 2: Paint!

This is a multi step process. First do a base layer and let it dry. Then do the first part of the face in black. Once that is dry, do little tiny white dots in the corners. If you need to, go on pinterest and look up kawaii faces. You'll get some different facial expressions.

Step 3: Find a Use for Your Darling Little Jars!

I didn't get photos of the ones I made for this tutorial, but here are two I already made. I used to have more, but after cleaning out the junk on my worktable I no longer had a use for the green and yellow ones. If you find a new use for these cuties, put a picture in the comments section!

For more crafts and diy projects, check out my (tiny but growing) blog!

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