Khapse(tibetan Snack)




Introduction: Khapse(tibetan Snack)

-Khapse is famous Arunachal pradesh snack.Losar is tibetian word for new year which is celebrated by buddhists world wide especially in arunachal pradesh,himachal pradesh and sikkim.

-These traditional biscuits are made during festive time.


-All purpose flour 2 cups

-Half cup milk

-Sugar dissolved in half cup of warm water

-4 tsp sun flower oil.

Step 1: Preparing Dough:

-Take 2 cups All purpose flour in bowl.Dissolve sugar in half cup warm water.

-Add sugar dissolved warm water,oil and milk to flour and knead to soft dough

Step 2: Making Diffrent Shapes With Dough:


-Flatten the dough using rolling pin.Cut longstrips,then make criss cross cuts to form diamond shapes as shown in my images.

-Make a small cut at the center of each diamond

Step 3: Next Step for Nyapsha Shape:

-Now insert the tip of diamond in to middle hole and make a twist.

-You can also insert base of diamond in to middle hole and make atwist as shown in my images.

Step 4: Final Nyapsha Shape:

-Make similar process with all diamond shapes.


-Flatten the dough and make thin long strips

-Join the tip of strips

Step 6: Next Step for Braid Shape:

-Make braid shape similar to how we braid our hair by swirling one strip above other.

Step 7: Final Braid Shape

-Here is the final braid shape

Step 8: Next Shape:

-Cut long wide strips and make cut in the centre

Step 9:

Insert the base of strip in to middle hole and make a twist

Step 10: Final Shape

-Here is the final shape.

Step 11: Rope Shape:

-Make long rope and join 2 ends

-Then make swirls from one end and join the tip

Step 12: -Frying Khapse

-Fry all khapse in oil till they turn brown in color

Step 13:

-Enjoy crispy khapse with tea

My tip

-Adjust sugar according to your sweetness.If sugar quantity is less sprinkle sugar powder after frying

-Rolling should be thin and not thick for crispy khapse

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    5 years ago

    I was wondering about the amount of sugar back at the beginning. This looks easy and yummy. Do you serve it with any kind of dipping sauce?


    Reply 5 years ago

    hai mrsmerwin. You can take 1/3 cup of sugar for 2 cups flour. If you want more sweet you can add little more or at last just sprinkle powdered sugar if needed. They taste good even without sugar. You can just have them as it is as snack without any sauce.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks. I really think my kids would like this.