Introduction: Khapse(tibetan Snack)

-Khapse is famous Arunachal pradesh snack.Losar is tibetian word for new year which is celebrated by buddhists world wide especially in arunachal pradesh,himachal pradesh and sikkim.

-These traditional biscuits are made during festive time.


-All purpose flour 2 cups

-Half cup milk

-Sugar dissolved in half cup of warm water

-4 tsp sun flower oil.

Step 1: Preparing Dough:

-Take 2 cups All purpose flour in bowl.Dissolve sugar in half cup warm water.

-Add sugar dissolved warm water,oil and milk to flour and knead to soft dough

Step 2: Making Diffrent Shapes With Dough:


-Flatten the dough using rolling pin.Cut longstrips,then make criss cross cuts to form diamond shapes as shown in my images.

-Make a small cut at the center of each diamond

Step 3: Next Step for Nyapsha Shape:

-Now insert the tip of diamond in to middle hole and make a twist.

-You can also insert base of diamond in to middle hole and make atwist as shown in my images.

Step 4: Final Nyapsha Shape:

-Make similar process with all diamond shapes.


-Flatten the dough and make thin long strips

-Join the tip of strips

Step 6: Next Step for Braid Shape:

-Make braid shape similar to how we braid our hair by swirling one strip above other.

Step 7: Final Braid Shape

-Here is the final braid shape

Step 8: Next Shape:

-Cut long wide strips and make cut in the centre

Step 9:

Insert the base of strip in to middle hole and make a twist

Step 10: Final Shape

-Here is the final shape.

Step 11: Rope Shape:

-Make long rope and join 2 ends

-Then make swirls from one end and join the tip

Step 12: -Frying Khapse

-Fry all khapse in oil till they turn brown in color

Step 13:

-Enjoy crispy khapse with tea

My tip

-Adjust sugar according to your sweetness.If sugar quantity is less sprinkle sugar powder after frying

-Rolling should be thin and not thick for crispy khapse

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