Introduction: Kids Halloween Headband

My daughter loves Halloween and asked me to make her something with our Halloween fabric! So, I made this quick adorable headband!

~ 15 minutes

~scrap fabric
~sewing tools and machine

Step 1: Fabric, Pin and Sew

1. Select two Halloween Fabrics. (I made a few of these in different patterns for her.)

2. Cut the fabric 32 inches by 3 inches, cut the ends of each piece into a point/triangle. (see pictures )

3. Iron the pieces of fabric.

4. Pin the two pieces of fabric together. (Wrong side facing out)

5. Sew the two pieces together leaving an inch on the side open, so you are able to flip the fabric right side out.

6. Iron

Step 2: Top Stich

1. After ironing the headband sew a top stitch around the headband.

2. Trim any loose thread.

Step 3: Finished

Great for any holiday and easy to make!
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