Introduction: Kids Rubberband Harp

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If you need a fun and easy way to give your kids entertainment, try making a rubber band harp! Within just 25 minutes you can a have your DIY craft done, and have your kids entertained with their own instrument!


  • Rubber bands (the amount of your choice)
  • A container
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors or Knife

Step 1: Cutting Your Rubber Bands

First, you will need to cut all your rubber bands into strips, just as it's shown in the picture above.

Step 2: Cutting Your Holes

Now, take either scissors or a knife, and cut the same amount of holes as you have rubber bands.

Step 3: Finishing Your Holes

Once you have finished your first side of holes, finish off with the holes on the other side. Make sure there is the same amount of holes on both sides!

Step 4: Tying Your Rubber Band Ends

After finishing your holes, temporarily single knot the rubber band ends onto the right side. Then, double knot all the ends on the left side of the container.

Step 5: Hot Gluing Your Rubber Bands

Once you figure out what tune you want the strings to be, knot and hot glue the right side so that the tune stays generally the same.

After you have finished everything, carefully look things over to see if you missed anything, or if any rubber bands are not secured properly. Don't want your rubber bands to get wacky!🙂

Step 6: Your Finished!

Now, give your DIY harp to your kids, or if you are a kid, fiddle around with it! Hope you enjoy!😊

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