K'nex Automatically Reversing Elevator Lift (by Austron) Instructions

Introduction: K'nex Automatically Reversing Elevator Lift (by Austron) Instructions

About: I'm french, I live in a house, I love build stuffs with K'nex and Arduino, I have a YouTube chanel, and i enoy building some devices for Halloween

So, here is finally instructions for an Austron's K'nex ball machine lift, it take me much time, so I don't know if I'll do it again. All the instructions are based on the Austron's video called "K'nex Automatically Reversing Lift". I will post soon(if I've enough time) an other instructions for an other Austron's lift...

Step 1: Pieces Count

You need all these pieces to build the lift :-)

If you don't have enough pieces or if you don't have a special piece, you can buy it on Knex.com or on KNEX User Group

Connectors : 894

dark grey : 59

grey : 10

red : 30

orange : 14

green : 44

yellow : 327

purple: 191

blue : 147

white : 72

Rods :1515

green : 349

white : 315

blue : 366

yellow : 315

red : 132

grey : 27

dark : 6

pink : 5

Specials : 428

medium yellow gears : 6

medium red gears : 8

little blue gears : 2

big yellow gears : 2

white gears : 2

12 volts motors : 2

Y clips : 41

blue clips : 2

pink lock clips : 25

orange 3D clips : 2

chain parts : 168

big wheel (dark part) : 12

big wheel (grey part) : 15

blue spacers : 130

grey spacers : 10

balls : at least 1

TOTAL :2837

Step 2: The Bottom (part 1)

Let's start with the first tower of the bottom.

Step 3: The Bottom (part 2)

Now the second tower of the bottom

Step 4: The Bottom (part 3)

The last part of the bottom ;-)

Step 5: The Waiter

An important part of the lift...

Step 6: The Entrance Path

Step 7: The Elevator (part 1)

Watch out to the wheel's position !!!

Step 8: The Elevator (part 2)

Step 9: The Towers

You can make it higher if you want to make a bigger lift. Don't forget to make the chain longer :-)

Step 10: The Gear Box (part 1)

Here is the beast ^^

Step 11: The Gear Box (part 2)

This step is looking exactly like the previous, but watch out ! Everything is reversed !!!

Step 12: The Gear Box (part 3)

almost there...

Step 13: The Gear Box (part 4)

You finished the hardest part :-)

Step 14: The Rails

Step 15: Attach the Chain

Be careful, the 2 chain must be exactly in the same position !!!

Step 16: The Exit Path

Step 17: The Counter Weight

Do some test to ajust the wire's length :-)

Step 18: Well Done !

If something went wrong, be sure that everything is well attached and that you don't missed anything in the instructions.

Big thanks to Austron :-D (original author of this lift)

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    1 year ago

    Can you modify the top part so you won't have to use two 12-v motors? I really want to see what would happen if I modified it. Thks! ;) -Knexpro7575

    Mister Gears
    Mister Gears

    Reply 1 year ago

    Of course you can, but you need a lot of torque, so if you use 3v motors you will need a bigger gear reduction which will make the lift really slow or you can try to stack multiple 3v motors... Anyway, I think 12v motors are much better for this lift


    4 years ago

    Sick man, love it!

    The Real Phil Swift
    The Real Phil Swift

    4 years ago

    Thank you for posting this! I have been trying to recreate it from the video for my next ball machine.