Knex Ball Machine #32049 Instructions

Introduction: Knex Ball Machine #32049 Instructions

I AM BACK! Missed you guys a lot!

I am back to present to you a very special instructable, one you cannot find anywhere on the internet from my knowledge. This is the original32049 Ball Machine from I'm assuming a construction book of ideas which I cannot find any concrete evidence supporting my idea. Anyway, this ball machine is VERY special to me. I printed this out in high School back in 2009 and recently found the diagram while cleaning my room and thought, "This Machine is so hard to find nowadays, I should make instructions for it!" so I'm rekindling this masterpiece Knex brought onto our creative minds with this instructable and I hope you enjoy making this special ball machine!

Also, got a new Canon camera so super clear pics!

To be honest, this machine has a lot of classic elements like the Spiral Lift, Spiral Staircase, Ball Drop Arm and Zig-Zag element that I see in present day super-machines and it really is a pioneering machine if you ask me! If anyone knows more about this, PLEASE let me know! Enjoy!

Piece Count coming soon, friends!


Step 1: Base, Support and Return Path

Since I don't have a motor like in the diagram, I took a pic of it showing how it goes on.The black and white diagram shows how to put the motor on :)

Step 2: Path Changer Mechanism

An interesting mechanism for manually changing paths with a knob!

Step 3: Ball Dropper Element

A nice little ball drop with some clickers.

Step 4: Quarter Arm Element

Jee, does this thing look familiar? I used a larger, more complex version of this element on Phoenix, Torque and DenCity! This is where it started!

Step 5: Path Selectors 1

Very simple selectors, very piece-efficient!

Step 6: Spiral Lift

The classic Spiral Lift! Used this in Phoenix, Torque, Ionization and DenCity!

Step 7: Zig-Zag Element

My second favorite element on this machine!

Step 8: Path Selectors 2

These are influenced by the knob in this step!

Step 9: Spiral Path Element

A nice little Spiral Element for some reason fits tightly on.

Step 10: Ball Arms

Just about done! After this, congratulations!

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    5 weeks ago

    Does this require the standard ball? Will the Madness Machine balls work by chance? I was about to build it but then I remembered that there doesn't seem to be much that works with the Madness balls


    2 years ago

    any vidio?

    Mister Gears
    Mister Gears

    7 months ago

    I just realized I have it and I also have the manual with the official instructions for it


    Reply 5 months ago

    I'm willing to buy that from you on Ebay!


    Reply 5 months ago

    PLEAS take more pic of the manual, I am so impressed that this actually exists! Thank you very much! Can you show some some of the other models in the manual please?