Introduction: K'nex Bracelets

Bracelets made of K'nex are here!
I want to say thank you to my brother who helped me create one braclet, create pretty much all the names for my braclets, and let me borrow his K'nex.

Step 1: Materials

Sorry but I am using pictures to show the materials because I do not know the names of the K'Nex peices. Again sorry.
P.S. the last picture is the track for the K-nex roller coster.

Step 2: The Conveyer Belt Bracelet

The first picture shows the materials needed for this bracelet.
Use the chain to make a braclet.
#1... connect all the chain you are using.
#2... connect one end of the chain to the other end of the chain.
Enjoy your new bracelet.

Step 3: The Dragon Scale K'nex Braclet

The first two pictures show the materials needed to make this bracelet.
#1 attach a small green peice to the end of a larger peice.
#2 continue this prosses till you have one piece left.
#3 connect the small green peice to the end of the large green peice.
#4 connect the end of the small green peice to the beginning of the large green peice.
Tada there is your new bracelet

Step 4:

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