Introduction: Knex MSBS

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Hey guys, I'm back with another gun. So I had gotten into a problem where I just couldn't turn out a gun. I tried and tried and tried but always failed. So I decided to try something I hadn't before. I hadn't built a bullpup replica yet so I set out to do just that. I started searching the web for a bullpup to build and I got a glance of a gun and just stopped. I had found the perfect gun, The MSBS. After I got started I realized that this gun was also in COD Ghost. This gun was my favorite gun in Ghost but then Ghost died so I left and haven't played it in several months.
I based my gun on the real MSBS but I added the slanted fore grip like in Ghost.

Looks great

10 round capacity

I tried a set up similar to handle fed pistols but it gets horrible range of 10 feet


8 layers thick

My custom red dot

Credit to the red book of westmarch for his slated fore grip

So that's it guys please tell me what you think in the comments!