K'nex Nintendo Wii Console.

Introduction: K'nex Nintendo Wii Console.

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Hi this is my nintendo wii console which has a fake disk drive and a fake opening sd card slot .The Wii console was my own idea and it took about 1 hour to design and make without the time sorting pieces. I made this because I needed to make a different k'nex model so a gaming console was my idea. the whole model uses approximately 200 pieces but a lot of them are the little green rods connecting the red connectors. The Wii console can be used for a storage item for 1 disk. It also has a fake SD cars slot for one SD like the real Wii console. The k'nex Wii is almost up to sale but thickness and height are the most realistic features apart from the SD card and disk drive components. The K'nex Wii console is the first one on this site and that makes it unique! Thank you for viewing and happy building! Please vote me on the gaming contest please!

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    Project D
    Project D

    5 years ago

    That looks really good!