Introduction: Knex OMEN XR

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Yes, I ripped off yet another gun name from goldeneye.

This gun was made in about a week when I saw DGM's attempt at a single shot. I decided to make my own bland and uninnovative single shot since there was some stuff from the rectangle that I didn't really like off the bat. I then built this so I could make a single shot that would fit my agenda for a good gun.

One of Oblivitus's comments when he was a mentor to me then struck me, and I decided to borrow parts off of other guns and combine them to make a single shot that would work for me better than others. Innovation was not a priority here, but I have made a new ammo storage container that can hold 6 red rods; it is located on the bottom.

Anyways, here is pros/cons


  • very comfortable
  • true trigger
  • powerful due to the singleshot
  • 60-70 feet with the bands pictured, can shoot in the 80's with #64's
  • lightweight (I can hold it in one hand, but it is recommended you use 2 so that you can aim easier
  • comes with 2 foregrips
  • Brand new ammo holder (holds 6 yellow or red rods)
  • looks cool


  • nothing too new, other than the ammo holder. I am sure you guys dont care because the Rectangle was not new, and you guys still liked it.
  • low ROF due to singleshot/

Enough with my ramblings, let the building begin!

Note- DO NOT substitute any parts here.

Go to step 9 to view a major update with the gun.

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock. Very comfy. Partial credit goes to dutchj for the idea, I did not build his comfort stock part by part, I just used his concept.

1- overview
2- view of the front
3- view of the rear
4- build these 2 parts
5- add the orange part to the stock
6- Add the other part to the blue connector
7- build the firing pin (this early? Yeah.) Remember the tape!

Step 2: Handle

I borrowed this off of Jollex's handle. Fill up the indicated white rods with spacers, and I only put knobs there since I don't have black wheels. Replace the knobs with black wheels please.

1- The handle. Build it
2- Add this part
3- connected
4- connect handle to stock.
5- Make the trigger. Put tape on the blocker part
6- add the trigger.
7- add knex knobs to the indicated rods. I took this picture later on because I forgot the first time.

Move on.

Step 3: Bottom Part/ammo Holder

Its the new ammo holder!

1- Build these panels. Build it EXACTLY like its pictured. One has everything, the other has nothing
2- Build this. This is the second foregrip, and the bottom of the ammo storage container.
3- add it to the one with all the stuff on it.
4- Put the other panel on.
5- Connect to handle. Sorry for blur
6- closeup.
7- Make this. Fill it up with orange connectors. I did not fill it up because I ran out of connectors.
8- Add it to the gun.

Step 4: Barrel

This is Dsman 196276's barrel with mods.

1- Build this. This is the trigger housing.
2- The main barrel.
3- view from the top.
4- Connect the 2 parts.
5- Make this. This is the bottom support and the first foregrip.
6- Add it to the gun.
7- Make this. You should fill it up with oranges, but I ran out.
8- Connect one side to the gun.

Step 5: Connect Barrel to Gun.

I dunno why I made this a separate step, but whatever.

1- Connect pin guide to the barrel, and slide the pin into the barrel.
2- Connect the barrel to the stock. Stick the trigger up in the barrel.
3- Connect the front to the second foregrip.

Step 6: Rubberbands/holding

Add rubberbands to the gun.

1- Add the bands to the trigger
2- Main bands. The ones I put on will get 65-70 feet, #64's will get in the 80's
3- How I hold the gun.

Step 7: Loading and Firing.

Note that I have changed the name and did not bother to change the video to match this.


Reasons this is better than the DD-27:
  • That tan lock in his barrel is not in my gun, so there is less friction
  • better stock
  • cleaner look
  • better trigger
  • Easier to pull the pin back.

Step 8: Credits

Well, I can't really finish this ible without giving credit.

Oodalumps/DGM- inspiration to make this gun
Dutchj- Stock butt (the idea of it, I did not make an exact replica)
Jollex- main handle
Dsman195276- barrel

Back to how much I rule

Step 9: MAJOR UPDATE- Rifled Barrel.

CJ81499 was shooting canadianammo (Red connector, yellow rod) out of my OSSR, and he managed to get the bullet spinning as if it was rifled.  I took a good look at his video, and even though you can't see the round because it shoots so fast, I believe him.

The reason why I believe him is because the red/gray connector is catching on the white rods on the barrel in such a way that it has to turn when it leaves the barrel. This should makes it spin.

A video about how he puts the ammo in the gun:  (Skip to 0:52 to see it, the rest is just random BS)