Introduction: (UPDATE!) Knex Sig Sauer P229

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Hello I'm back and bringing you my first (attempted) model of the sig sauer p229. Please tell me if you think there is another pistol that this looks more like.

35-40 foot range
8 round mag
Quick reload
Look fairly realistic
True trigger
Comfortable handle

The barrel is a bit fat

Drop a comment telling me what you think and please hit that favorite button it takes 2 seconds.

Step 1: Update! Internals

I added internals your welcome!
I also changed the trigger guard and the trigger its self hope you like the changes and I also increased the range by 5 feet
Feel free to use the design just give me credit

Step 2: Update 2

I have updated my sig once again I have reinforced the back, barrel, and trigger to hold more pressure and impact. I also changed my mag to look better and added a mag lock which you can see on the handle (its the metallic connector)
I also changed the ammo which now shoots 50-55 feet and shoots more powerfully rather than a slow moving arching bullet