Introduction: K'nex Table

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Hello Viewers,
Today I bring you my second instructable, a K'nex Table. I got the idea of making a K'nex table when seeing Mr Muggles K'nex chair so special thanks to him for his chair being the inspiration to this instructable. I think it compliments well with his chair and is rather sturdy. So lets get to the facts....

1) Good looking, looks like a table
2) Useful for basic daily use i.e holding a cup, doing work on...
3) It is durable so if it breaks, it is very easy to fix
4) It can hold up to 150kg and probably more around 175kg+
1) Quite small
2) The blue rods may sometimes snap if too much pressure is excerted on it
3) Is quite small (In my opinion) due to lack of pieces

By the way, here is the link to Mr Muggles chair if you haven't already seen it or need a refresh -

Also this is for the Rod and Connector Contest (1st July - 12th August 2013) So I would appreciate it if you would vote.
If you manage to build the table, please post a picture of yours in the comment section so I can add it to the last step.

If you need any assistance at all while building, ask in the comment section and I will help the BEST I can!


Anyway so, lets get down to business....

Step 1: Parts List

Ok so lets get started by gathering the following:

Note – The pieces are labelled in there classic colours

Grey – 8
Red – 76
Yellow – 187
Blue – 620
White – 508
Green – 128


White – 158
Yellow – 130
Red – 48
Grey – 106
Purple 3D – 265
Blue 3D – 216


Silver Spacer – 12
Blue Spacer – 4

Hurray, now we can start!

Step 2: The First and Second Legs

In this step, you will makethe first and second legs for the table, be sure to look at the image notes as well as the description below. Anyways lets crack on...

1) The Chunk of K'nex you will be building
2) Start off by making this
3) Then make this
4) Another view
5) And another view
6) Attach them together
7) Another view - sorry its blurry
8) And another view - make sure the middle is attached and the orange connectors are the right way
9) Repeat this two more times as shown
10) Now make this (there is a missing white rod on one of the sides, add it in as shown in image note)
11) Another view
12) And another view
13) Attach them together as shown
14) Another view
15) Make this
16) Another view
17) And another
18) And a final view
19) Make this (pretty simple)
20) Another view
21) Attach as shown (make sure its the correct way as seen in image)
22) Another view
23) Attach to the other bit as shown
24) Another view
25) What you have made and should have

Repeat this twice to get 2 legs. Once you have done that lets move on!

Step 3: The Third and Fourth Legs

In this step you will make the third and fourth legs. They are very similar to the first and second with slight changes, and no the pictures are NOT THE SAME, so pay attention.

1) What you will be making
2) Start off by making this
3) Then make this
4) Another view
5) And another view
6) Attach together
7) Another view
8) Repeat 2 more times as shown
9) Another view
10) Make this
11) Another view
12) And another view
13) Attach like seen in the image
14) Another view
15) And another view
16) Make this (pretty simple)
17) Another view
18) Make this
19) Another view
20) And another view
21) Attach them together
22) Another view
23) Attach together
24) Another view
25) What you have just made

Onwards and upwards!

Step 4: Assembly

Ok, so now we are on to the assembly of the 4 legs you have made. Remember to also look through the image notes as they help a lot. Follow the pictures and you will be on to step 5 in no time!

1) Position your 4 legs out like shown
2) Another view - make sure the orange clips are facing the right way as shown 
4) Make these four
5) A close up of one of them
6) Attach as shown to the four sections
7) A view of what it should look like (sorry its blurry)
8) Gather these (sorry , theres meant to be an extra one so there is eight, not seven)
9) Attach to the bottom of each leg as shown (two of them to a leg)
10) Another view
11) Get these - theres 48 of them (yes I know its A LOT)
12) Clip these in each of the sides of each leg (Except from the bottom first bit of the leg)
13) Another view
14) A view of all the legs of what they should look like so far
15) Gather these (theres 16 of them)
16) Attach to they bottom section of the legs that were missed out earlier as shown
17) Another view
18) Take out on of the sides off from each of the legs and put a white connector through the yellow for as shown attached with the blue rods then add the side back. Do this for all 4 legs 
4) Another view of it

Well, that was a little tougher but you did it! Also well done if you got the optional step, you have maximized the tables power!

Step 5: The Main Section

In this step, you will be the main support section which holds and gives the table structure, its a bit harder but follow the image notes and im sure you will do it  :-)

1) What you will be making
2) Start off by making this
3) Another view - make sure its ALL connected
4) Another view
5) Another view
6) Another view - don't forget the spacers!
7) Another view - make sure the Y clips on the inside are in as shown
8) Another view
9) Another view
10) Another view
11) And a final view
12) Make 3 more of these, so you have 4 in total as shown in image
13) Now make this
14) Another view
15) Another view
16) Another view
17) Another view
18) Another view
19) And a final view (of the bottom)
20) Get one of those 4 parts you made at the start and attach it to one side of the bit you just made as shown in picture
21) Another view - make sure everything is connected between them from top to bottom
22) Repeat it, get another one of the 4 you made and attach it to the other side
23) Another view of where it should be attached
24) Another view (what it should look like so far when attached
25) Do the same again to another side
26) Another view
27) And then complete it so it looks like a  +
28) Another view
29) Another view
30 Another view
31) Another view
32) What you have made

Step 6: Assembly

In this step, you will connect the legs to the main section. Pay close attention. This is one of those steps which can either take 10 minutes or hours depending on how you do it.

1) Gather what you have made so far
2) Clip in as shown. I found it MOST easiest by clipping in leg by leg (Im very sorry the picture is blurry)
3) Another view
4) Another view
5) Another view
6) Another view
7) Another view (a view of the bottom)

Your one more step closer to finishing, well done! This is the most hardest step in my opinion :P

Step 7: Adding the Support

In this step, you will add the support of the chair - yes thats right, the thing that holds up the top, so let’s begin!

Note – I am very sorry some of the pictures are blurry! (If you need any assistance at all, ask in the comment section and I will help the BEST I can J)

1) Add the white rods as shown
2) Another view
3) Add the supports in between (this is tricky!)
4) Another view – A view of all of it, what it should look like when the supports have been added
5) Another view
6) Another view – Be sure to get the orange clips and blue rods in the right place
7) Another view
8) Another view
9) Another view
10) Another view – Put the grey clip with a green rod through the blue rod as shown in the picture
11) Another view
12) Another view
13) Another view
14) Another view - Make sure that the red connector is in the right position as shown!
15) Another view (Changed camera!) – there should be a blue rod as shown in the picture
16) Another view
17) Another view
18) Another view
19) Another view
20) Another view
21) Another view
22) Another view
23) Another view
24) And another view
25) And a final view

Phew! That was hard, I hope it was enough views

Step 8: The Top of the Table

Now, we are finally at the top of the table. I think this part is rather easy and you may enjoy it, Take your time! :)


1)     Add this in the middle to begin with

2)     Then add this – Remember to clip in the connectors to the supports

3)     Add the blue rods to it as shown

4)     Another view

5)     Repeat the pattern like so, making sure that the supports are connected to the top

6)     Another view

7)     Then finish it off as shown

8)     Another view

9)     And another view

10)  Gather these grey clips (there is 16 of them) – sorry the picture is blurry

11)  Hook them through the blue rod as shown in picture (see picture 16 for help where they need to be clipped)

12)  Clip it to the white rod

13)  Another view

14)  And another view

15)  Do it to all four bits as shown in picture

16)  And then do it to the other 4 sections shown in the picture

Yep, I really do not know why the text has gone all weird! :-/

Step 9: Your Done!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have managed to complete my K'nex Table. I hope that you are happy with it and feel free to mod it and comment. Be sure to check out my other creations and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IT IN THE CONTEST!

Thanks for building =D


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