Knex Multiple Arm Ball Machine Lift

Introduction: Knex Multiple Arm Ball Machine Lift

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Hi! Here are the instructions to the multiple arm lift.

Here's a video:

This isn't the exact same as the video though, because I forgot to make the instructable when I made this.

Step 1: That Section There... ?

Nah, this has a name. This part holds the ball dispenser, I just can't summarise it into a title.

Step 2: Extra Safety to That Part

This section fits on top of what's been built so far.
It should give a clear view where the arm comes to.

Step 3: The Ball Dispenser

As the name explains.

Step 4: Adding the Dispenser

Again, self explanatory.

Step 5: Roll Into Dispenser Part 1

This section will hold the path coming into the dispenser.

Step 6: Roll Into Dispenser Part 2

Here's the actual track the ball goes on.

Step 7: Putting That Part Together

Here's the side bit attached to the dispensor bit with the path on it.

Step 8: Adding 4 Red Rods

Just get 4 red rods and add them like in the picture.

Step 9: The Real Part Beggins!

It's just a hexagonal prism, only with a bumper at the front. I'll stress it in the picture.Y

Step 10: Adding It In

This fits in to the four red rods. All together it didn't fit into the picture, so that's why it's split into 2 steps.

Step 11: Layer 1

Layer 1 excluding the main base. There should be a missing blue rod (that's where the lower arm comes).

Step 12: Sticking It On

Now stick that layer to the rest of the lift.

Step 13: Layer 2

Now the second layer. This time there are 2 missing red rods. They get in the way of the crankshaft.
You might realise extra parts sticking out, they're to hold the motor.

Step 14: Adding the Second Layer.

The bit on the side should help with the orientation.

Step 15: Layer 3

This is layer 3, as the name says. Like layer 1, it's missing a blue rod.

Step 16: Adding Layer 3

Sorry about the photo, the side bit should clear things up.

Step 17: The Motor

This part is for the motor (of coarse).

Step 18: Adding the Motor

This motor attaches to the side part.

Step 19: Motor's Rod

The picture is of the rod that clips into the motor with gaps where the motor, white connector and the orange connector go.

Step 20: Adding That Rod With Spacers

Here is a demonstration where the rod goes.

Step 21: The Crankshaft

This is a doulbe crankshaft which is why there's no room for two extra red rods. (an excuse to save pieces).

Step 22: Adding the Crankshaft

There is space for two more blue spacers on the tan rod, enough for the crankshaft.

Step 23: The Lower Arm

Here's the lower arm, there is a large hub as a counterweight.

Step 24: Adding the Lower Arm

This is why a blue rod was missing in layer 1.

Step 25: The Upper Arm

You might've realised this arm is shorter. Good, you should have.

Step 26: Attaching the Upper Arm

This is why there was a blue rod missing from layer 3.

Step 27: The Other Side Bit

This section supports the side opposite the motor.

Step 28: Adding the Side Bit

Put this on the side opposite the motor. The orange connector should clip into the crankshaft

Step 29: Layer 4

This layer Holds the exit track. The last picture is for if you want a split path afterwards.

Step 30: The Exit Track

Almost done! Build this, add it, and thats it!

Step 31: Adding the Exit Track

Just stick it in and you're good to go!

Step 32: Done!!

Now you're done (as the title suggests). Try to make sure there's not much tilt in the room because it added to the trick photography in one of my videos, I mean, HAPPY BUILDING!

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    Tip 3 years ago

    Nice lift, would be cool if you added a piece count for the instruction