Introduction: ​Korean Tofu Sushi--Girl's Healthy Light Meal

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Korean Tofu Sushi--Girl's Healthy Light Meal by KoreaHomie

Korean girls like to use tofu instead of rice. Because tofu is rich in protein. It can maintain fullness for a long time, control appetite, avoid overeating, eat more calories, and lose weight.


  • 2 pieces of firm tofu
  • Pieces of fried tofu skin

*Selected Korean fried tofu skin with seasoning powder. If you buy fried tofu skin without seasoning powder, you can season it yourself

Step 1: Add seasoning powder to hard tofu

Step 2: Stir the seasoning powder and hard tofu evenly

Step 3: Use hard tofu instead of rice and add oily tofu skin

Tofu is rich in protein, which can keep you full for a long time, control your appetite, avoid consuming too many calories in the community and help reduce weight. During weight loss, many Korean girls choose tofu instead of their staple food. Healthy and delicious Korean tofu sushi is complete.

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Step 1: Add Seasoning Powder to Hard Tofu

Step 2: Stir the Seasoning Powder and Hard Tofu Evenly

Step 3: Use Hard Tofu Instead of Rice and Add Oily Tofu Skin