Introduction: LED Infinity Mirror

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Theses infinity mirrors are pretty cool and easy to make. The concept of it that you have a regular mirror, with led lights in between the regular mirror and a two mirror. The two way mirror is a more expensive and you want it to be the same size as the regular mirror. I used 12 volt interter to power this otherwise you use battery packs.

This is how I power it

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


jig saw


wire strippers

solder iron


glass cutter and oil/lube



4 - 6 inch pieces of wood

6 x 6 inch regular mirror

6 x 6 two way mirror


20 red led



Step 2: Making:

Cutting the wood for frame:

The size of my mirrors are 6 x 6 inches.

first you wanna cut the wood for the frame of your infinity mirror.

two of the sides are gonna be the width of the wood smaller to fit the frame.

there pretty much 6 inches but just use the mirror and wood to line up your cuts.

Step 3: Soldering the LED's

I stripped wire to connect the leds to.

cut to strips for each piece of wood. solder a resistor in front of the leds.

solder all the positive ends of the leds to one of the wires
solder all the negative ends of the leds to the other wire.

once you glue the frame solder the negative from all for wood pieces together.

do the same with the positive wires.

i glued the leds and wires to the pieces of wood