Introduction: LEGO Transformers: Sideswipe

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Hey guys! I'm back with another transformer. This time, its an actual, legit transformer: Sideswipe! The nice car look is great too! Credit to awesomenessisavirtue ( on Flickr for model. I'm simply doing instructions.

Step 1: Pieces

The required pieces:

4 1x2 tiles

1 T-Bar

5 1x1 studs

2 1x1 plates with side rings

2 1x1 plates with vertical clips

1 2x2 jumper plate

1 1x2 plate with side bar

3 1x2 plates

1 1x1 cheese slope

1 1x1 brick with studs

Step 2: The Legs

Simple. Follow the pictures, then repeat for the opposite side, except switch the 1x1 stud around.

Pieces Required:

2 1x1 plates with vertical clip

2 1x1 plates with side ring

1 T-bar

2 1x2 tiles

2 1x1 studs

Step 3: The Main Body

Again, follow the pictures.


The rest of the pieces

Step 4: The Connection

*GASP* So beautiful! I think the transformation is kinda obvious. Just look at the first 2 pictures at the beginning of this Instructable.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading!

As per usual, credit to awesomenessisavirtue for the model. Remember, this model is NOT mine. I am merely doing instructions. Thanks for reading!