Introduction: My Custom Ultimum Finem Alt Modes

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So, in my previous Instructable, I showed you all how to create Ultimum Finem. Well, as I have said, I also love to find alternate modes in others' creations, and as the title says for this one, I have. As a matter of fact, I found SEVEN different alt modes for Ultimum Finem. All found just fiddling with him. Quick Note: In all of the alt modes, there are two pictures: The vehicular mode and the robot mode, just in case you guys might be confused.

Step 1: Raptorex

This one is the front disconnection of Ultimum. Transformed, he is a raptor, as in dinosaur, if you can think of an alien-like raptor with two legs and no arms.

Step 2: Shipstorm

Shipstorm is created from the bottom half, and I think looks pretty neat. You might notice that he looks humanoid, as these first two respect Transforminglegodude's wishes of human and alien in peace.

Step 3: Screecher

A bird-like one. One of three bird-likes. Supposed to be sort of an alien bird.

Step 4: Piercer

The second of the bird-likes. He looks pretty cool, at least to me. And if you haven't noticed, the bottom half alt mode and top half alt mode have alt modes!

Step 5: Birdstrike

Birdstrike is the third and last of the bird-likes. He is looks better than the other two put together (Well, he is actually both bird-likes put together, sooo...)!

Step 6: Ionizer

Correction: There are actually FOUR bird-likes. This one is Ionizer. That giant thing at the bottom is an ion cannon.

Step 7: Mecha

A mech. Yeah, this one is really easy. It doesn't look like much, but you can add different things onto it, so I say its pretty nice.

Step 8: Thank You!

As usual now, I want to thank Transforminglegodude for the Ultimum Finem model. All of the alt modes are mine. I will show all of you how to get these alt modes in a later Instructable. Thanks for reading!