Introduction: (UPDATE) LKSS a Knex Slingshot Sniper

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been active recently, I've been building but I haven't been happy with much I build lately but oh well. So this is my new LKSS, it's a pretty lame name but it stands for Lucas's Knex Slingshot Sniper. So I was thinking about slingshots and it hit me. On a normal slingshot the rubber bands are loosing tension the farther down the barrel it gets meaning the bullet gets ahead of the band which means loss of power. With mine the rubber band is at constant tension but is still relatively easy to pull do to the pulleys. It's not anything innovative but I wanted to try it out and sure enough, it is twice as powerful.

200 foot range with finnammo
90-100 feet with a yellow rod connected to a red connector
Goes through a card board box with ease
Weird but cool looks IMO
Nice scope
Folding bipod
37 inches long
Cheek rest
No broken parts

So tell me guys what you think in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

Step 1:

DONT Shoot this indoors. It is dangerous!