Introduction: Laptop Carry Bag

Some of the laptop carry bags are kind - of expensive. So I decided to make my own. After thinking for quite some time, I found out how to make one.

Step 1: Materials Required

For this you'll need:
  1) Lots of paracord (or any other cord)
  2) 5 side release buckles
  3) Super glue or torch
  4) 2 Snap Hooks

Step 2: Weaving

    1) Lay the full length of the paracord as shown in the picture. I tied two ropes on my table as shown in the picture and the distance between them is the same as MY laptop's length. It makes it more easy to weave.
    2) Weave paracord with respect to the dimensions of your laptop. (Width x 2) + 2 inches to accommodate the height of MY laptop. If your laptop's height is different, accordingly add/subtract as required.
    3) Lay the full length of the paracord using the given layout in the picture.
    4) Weave the paracord carefully over and under the horizontally laid paracord. At regular intervals, push the weaves closer to each other. Once you're done, secure the loose ends by melting them.

Step 3: The Buckles

    1) Cover the laptop with the completed woven piece.
    2) Add the buckles wherever required using additional paracord.

Step 4: The Shoulder Strap

Make the shoulder strap using designs like the cobra stitch and attach the snap hooks at either ends.

Step 5: Almost Done

Now attach the shoulder strap to the woven piece using the snap hooks.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Now your Carry Bag is done. You can also use it as a cover for the laptop. That's why the buckle. Just slip a corner end of the cover over the laptop edges. Once you're done you can just close the laptop, fix the buckles and the snap hooks and carry it away. And once you're done with it, instead of throwing it away, you can remove the buckles and and use the woven piece as a table mat or something. And you can replace the snap hooks on the shoulder strap with buckles and use it as a belt or something.

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