Introduction: Leather Bracelet From Shoe Buckle

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Remember when I told you how I ended up with just one leg warmer that I turned into a purse? Well this story is longer, so let's just say I lost a shoe.

I didn't want it to throw it out so this is what I came up with to give it an second chance. And I love how my bracelet turned out so much, that I wear it even more that the shoes!

I hope this Instructable will inspire you to see items in your closet or even at a thrift store from a different perspective. What treasure will you find?

Step 1: Tools and Materials



A scrap of leather

No sew snap fastener kit (read the instructions, you might need a hammer or other tools)

My lonely shoe

Step 2: Make a Template

I started by cutting a piece of paper the size of my wrist. And I tested the buckle to make sure it was the perfect width.

Step 3: Cut the Leather

Using the template as a guide, I used the edge of the scissors to mark the outline. Then I cut it out.

Step 4: ​Attach the Snaps

To attach the snaps I made a mark where I wanted them to be. Then I had to punch a hole with one of the tools provided in the kit. Then with the other tool I assembled the snap.

Step 5: Enjoy!

It's your turn now, take a look at your closet and find something to transform!

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