Introduction: Leather Cord Anchor Bracelet

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Hi! In this instructables, I'll show you how I made an anchor clasp bracelet for my gf. It took two tries, some leather, wire, and an anchor! Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials!

1 anchor to use as the clasp

1 loop to connect the anchor to the leather

1 length of leather cord

2x 2 inches of wire for each end

1 set of helping hands

NOT a soldering iron or solder...

Step 2: Make the Clasp

Take the loop you want to hold the anchor with and loosen the small loop on the end.
Hook it to the anchor and pinch back together.

I chose a loop the had a pattern on it similar to the rope on the anchor, I think it adds to it!

Step 3: Start the Leather Band

First measure twice the distance around your wrist and add about a half inch.
Fold in half so you have a loop in the middle of one end where one side is a half inch longer than the other.
Pinch one end so that you are holding the loop out and make sure the anchor can easily fit in without easily coming out.
Take one length of wire and make a small L on one end.
Take the lower part of the L and align it parallel to the leather bands.
Wrap the remaining wire around the leather so that you'll over lapping the lower part of the L.
Before you get to the end, make a very small L again and push the small end into the leather so that it is secure without poking through to the other side. This is to ensure it does not scratch the wearer.

Note: the helping hand are useful at this stage to hold the loop as you start to wrap the wire. I found it easier to start that way and then take them out to finish wrapping.

Step 4: The Other Side

Take the longer end and fold a loop like the first side so that its as close to the shorter end as possible.
Make sure to slide the loop with the anchor on before starting the wire.
Then wrap the wire the same as the first side, just around all three ends of the wire cord.
Make sure to trim the leather while wrapping it, so wrap half the length of wire then trim the leather to length and finish off. That way your bracelet is the perfect size.

Step 5: What Not to Do

As I alluded to earlier, do not attempt to solder the wore together to add strength. As you'll see in my pictures, it strengthens the wire but burns the leather... Making it brittle and fall apart...

So much for that idea!

Step 6: Any Comments/Qs?

Thanks for reading! If you have any thoughts, comments, advice, or questions for me; leave a comment!
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