Introduction: Leather & Memory Wire Wrap Bracelet

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The combination of leather, crystal beads and metals work together to make for an interesting and beautiful piece of jewelry.

For this bracelet, I use a memory wire base. Memory wire is very strong and springy, so it wraps around the wrist and stays put without a clasp. These bracelets make great gifts because you don't have to worry about sizing - the wrap will adjust to the wearer.

Step 1: What You Need

3 to 4 loops of bracelet memory wire (about 18 inches)

6 inches of round leather cord with a core (at least 4 mm in diameter)

2 end caps that wiil fit over the cord ends

Assorted metal and crystal beads

1 Headpin

Memory wire cutters - don't use your regular jewelry cutters!

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

E6000 glue

Step 2: Leather Cord

Thread the wire through the core of the leather cord. You may need pliers to help guide this along. Once the end has come out, grab it and pull it through the rest of the way so that you have an equal amount of non-corded wire on both ends.

Step 3: End Caps

Thread the end caps over the cord ends. You may have to push the cord into the caps. (Mine were a tight fit.) Use the E6000 to glue them on. Wipe off the excess and let the glue set.

Step 4: Beading

Now it's time to thread your beads onto the wire. Put beads symmetrically on one side and the other of the leather cord. Alternate sides as you add beads.

Step 5: Keep Beading

Keep adding beads until the bare wire is almost filled and you have about a half inch tail with no beads on either side.

Step 6: End Beads

Bend the wire tails at a 90° angle to secure the beads. Do this on both ends.

Step 7: Finish Wire Ends

Then use your round nose pliers to make a loop on each end.

Step 8: The Dangle

Set the bracelet decide to make the dangle.

String a few beads on your end pin.

You will make a wrapped loop out of this, but first attach the head pin loop to one of the bracelet ends.

If you need the wrapped loop instructions, CLICK HERE. Go to steps 6 & 7.

Step 9: Finish Dangle

When your dangle is secure, and finished (trim the wire if needed), your bracelet is done!

Step 10: Have Fun!

You can try making this bracelet with lots of variations. Try different kinds of beads, different colors, different numbers of memory wire loops, different kinds of leather cord and different metals.

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