Introduction: Leather Tote Bag

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I love myself a tote, they are spacious and look very chic. So I tried to go out of my realm and sew my own.

Step 1: The Measurements

I made myself a HUGE bag so i could carry all my books (and maybe even my laptop). Here are the measurements of both the lining and leather, along with a pocket and straps.

Step 2: Make the Pocket

To make my pocket extra durable. I cut of a narrow strip of leather, folded it on it self and the attached it onto the pocket fabric with the help of a few rivets.

Step 3: Sew on the Pocket

Place the pocket on the lining, fold the edges inside and sew on three sides (red dotted lines).

Step 4: Sew the Sides

Fold the fabric in half and sew along the sides. Do the same for the leather.

Step 5: Make the Base

To make a rectangular base for your bag, mark four squares (of 2 inch sides) on all four bottom corners. Then fold your fabric along the diagonals (black) of the square so that the fold stands at 90 degrees, then sew along the sides of the square (green). Repeat steps for leather.

Step 6: Sewed Lining and Leather

Once you are done with sewing the sides and base, you will end up with these.

Step 7: Attach Straps

First mark out where you would like your straps to be placed. Then glue then down and finally secure with four studs.

Step 8: Attach Lining and Leather

Turn you leather inside out, then pull the lining over it so that the right side faces outside. Fold the top edge. Secure with paper clips, and the rivet together. Then flip it right side out.

Step 9: And You Are Done!

Here is what the bag looks like from the inside and outside.

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