Introduction: Leather and Suede Bag

This bag can be made for under $20 and it will be one of a kind.Most sewing machine can handle light weight leather and suede, just change your needle to a heavy duty leather or jeans needle


I buy my leather and suede from my local craft store, they sell remnant 3 pound bags cheaper then you will find at a leather store.All the hardware can be found in the sewing section, and the strap is from the camping section from my local department store

Step 1:

First make sure your leather and suede is cut into straight pieces, the body of the bag is 20 in.x 12 in., the front pocket 6 in.x 9 in., sides 3 in.x 10 in. (you will need two) and the front flap is 7 in.x 11 in.

Step 2:

Cut a small opening for your zipper, and tape it in place so it does not move when you sew it

Step 3:

sew the front pocket under the zipper and sew the flap on top, be sure to sew the flap upside down so when closed you will not see the stitch.

Step 4:

sew both sides on make sure they are even with each other, after that sew the back closed NOTE: your bag will be inside out from this point, and leave the zipper open to turn it back. sew your sides all the way around and leave the top of the sides with the "Ears" to attach the strap to it.

Step 5:

Turn your bag through the zipper opening and attach the rings for the strap using rivets, and add rivets to the pocket for added strength

Step 6:

Trim your front flap to rounded edges (if you want to), add snaps to the front flap, and put the strap through the rings

Step 7:

Rock your new bag!

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