Introduction: Leg Warmers

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I love leg warmer season and better yet upcyclying old clothes!


Old sweater
Sewing kit

Step 1: Cutting the Sleeves

You want to cut the sleeves in front of the seam. You can also remove the thread using a seam ripper which is what I did. Keep the remaining pieces for later projects if you'd like, I always do.

Step 2: Straightening the Ends

Lay the sleeves on a flat surface and cut straight across at the desired length. Then you'll want to fold the sleeves in half the other way. You'll notice a point at the end of the sleeves, cut it out to round the bottom of your warmers.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

You can add buttons if you'd like or even a bow at the top of the warmers. I use a marker to mark my button placements before sewing them on. Fold your fabric in half to find the middle on the opposite side. Mark your placements and sew them on. And there you have it, one of a kind leg warmers!

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