Introduction: Lego Cars - Miniature Red Truck (remix of Original Model Fire Truck, #602)

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This truck was originally released in 1970, and had 6 wheels, 4 doors, and smooth tyres.
Here are the changes from the original model:
1. Now has a bumper
2. Has 2 doors, not 4
3. The said doors now open differently
4. There are 4 wheels rather than the original’s 6
5. The previously smooth tyres have been changed to more realistic grooved tyres
6. The original model was sold as a fire truck, but it has been repurposed as a delivery van
7. It now has a white thing (not sure what it is called :/) above the cabin
8. The said cabin now uses 4 bricks, which makes it look like it has individual windows
Please note that I ran out of 1x1 clear bricks, so the brick circled in the picture needs to be replaced by one.
I am entering this into the remix contest. I don’t expect to win, but it would be nice if I could!


See picture.

Step 1: Reference Pictures

These were just to help me rebuild the model.

Step 2: Base

This part changed quite a lot from the original model.

Step 3: Container

Just saying : I would have kept the model more faithful to the original, but I don’t have some of the parts in the original, for example the large doors, so I used a piece that I had that could serve the same purpose. This is the same reason that this became more of a remix than a recreation.

Step 4: Cabin

As I said in the main description, the brick circled should be replaced by a 1x1 clear brick, I just didn’t have one at the time.

Step 5: Final Pictures!

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