Introduction: Lego Cars - Miniature Taxi

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I’m taking a break from Lego Portal at the moment, so here is a taxi I made ages ago.
I recently rediscovered it and thought that it would make a good instructable, so here it is!


See picture.

Step 1: Main Body

Not anything to say on this part.

Step 2: Front Body

Just to point out, if there are any inconsistencies with the main picture and the final model, I did build this over a year ago, so I might have got something wrong.

Step 3: Back Body and Roof

This car kind of resembles what cars looked like in the early days of Lego. I think it looks more like the sports car in the set ‘Lego paradisa: poolside paradise’. I never had that set, but I know someone who did.
On the forth picture, I changed the camera angle a bit, but I changed it back afterwards.