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I recently bought one hundred 4mm earring findings to make skittles earrings.  After using ten, two for each pair of each flavour, I realised I still had ninety left over but rather than thinking of this as a problem, I saw it as an opportunity to make earrings of my own. So as would be expected I will be posting quite a few earring Instructables over the next little while. when searching I noticed that there was a lot of Lego jewelry yet no head earrings and I've always thought if you want something and no one else has made it, then make it yourself! With this Instructables you can have the hero from Lego Indiana Jones or the villians from Lego Star Wars put proudly on display on your ears!  (just to clarify my ears are not pierced and these are made for others)

A very strange thing happened when I was making the Skittles earrings. I realised that i actually found it rather fun so I may even branch out into other forms and techniques of jewelry making but anyways lets get to the important part that you came here for.


Step 1:

What You Will Need:
Not a lot is need to make these earrings which is what I was hoping for: cheap, simple yet professional looking jewelry.

2 part epoxy glue- From a pound/dollar store
Clear nail varnish ( optional but recommended) - Also from a pound/dollar store
Lego heads- From a child's Lego or your Lego, if not they can be bought in thrift stores, the Lego website etc.
4mm earring findings- I suppose slightly larger would do too- 100 for three pounds from Ebay

Bringing the price of this project to a whopping - Two pounds and six pence with the glue and nail varnish lasting for quite a few uses

Step 2: Don't Lose Your Head... Just Yet

If you have the bodies of the little fellows. Then it will make this step a lot easier. You are best to varnish the heads while they are on the body so they do not move but it can be done without them. I would recommend removing hair, hats etc from their heads.

If you have quick dry nail varnish this will obviously be quicker for you.
My way of getting the heads nice and shiny is five coats of varnish applied lightly.
It is crucial that the varnish drys properly between coats otherwise one coat will mix with the previous semi-dry coat and it will go streaky and your heads will look more like a bull dogs face than a nice fresh faced Lego figure's. I was told by a friend that if you press the back of your nail against the varnish and it leaves a mark it is not dry and this method seems to work.

If you are in a hurry two thin coats then one thick coat will occasionally give satisfactory results but I don't recommend it.


Step 3: I Sentence You to Death by Decapitation

These Lego Minifigures have committed a heinous crime against their fellow people. They tried to steal all the 2x2's. In the Lego world this is a crime punishable by death and you are the executioner (feel free to create your own little speech to go before the next part).

Pull the head gently and twist a little as you do it back and forth until the head pops off. Some times those pesky criminals put up a fight so if your are struggling to get the heads off LIGHTLY push it upwards with a small piece of plastic or something of that nature. I used a guitar pick for the one of my two that was stuck. I suppose you could use a blunt knife as a last resort.

Step 4: Hang Those Heads Up for the Whole Town to See

Now that the dirty thieves have been decapitated you want to put their heads on display for the whole of LegoTown to see don't you?

I thought as much.

Mixing and Attaching:
Mix equal measures of each of the two parts wit a toothpick or something of the like as shown in the first two pictures.
Personally I like to just dip the end of flat end of the earring post into the epoxy but you could apply it with the stick.
Attaching the posts can be tricky and about the only way I can think to help you is,to imagine an arrow has been shot between the eyes of the head and straight out the other side. Thats where you want the post to be.
Finally you will have to find a way to stop the heads rolling and moving. My epoxy came in metal tubes so i bent them each in half and put a head in the crease of each tube as in picture three.
Depending on what it says on the packet of the epoxy, that's how long you should leave them to dry.

Step 5: The Finished Product

Voilà! Your Lego Head Earrings are complete!

Now put them in or gift them to someone and hold your head up proudly because you saved LegoTown.

All that's left to do now is to thank you for your time and notify you that more jewelry will be coming up very soon.

Thank You


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