Introduction: Lego Music Stuff

These will be fun if our mini figure is trying to Start a band

Step 1: The Guitar

Take a 1x4 plane like piece

Step 2:

Take a 1x2 and put it at the end

Step 3:

Get two grate pieces and place them on the middle

Step 4:

Put a 1x1 clip piece next two the grate by the end

Step 5:

This part is optional

Step 6:

Now you are done with the guitar

Step 7: The Piano

Get a 2x6 tile

Step 8:

Turn it over and put a 1x6 on it

Step 9:

Take two studs and place them on the ends

Step 10:

Place four grates I the middle

Step 11:

Take two studs and two ramps and put them on the ends

Step 12:

Put a 1x6 on the grey studs

Step 13:

Step 14: