Introduction: Lego Portal Gun, Chell Figure and Companion Cube

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This instructable will show you how to make the Companion Cube, Chell and the Portal Gun from the Portal games.
DISCLAIMER: the shown Portal Gun is NOT minifigure scale, but is sooooo close that I decided to add a Chell figure too.


6x dark grey 2x2 plates (you will have to imagine that they are all identical, because mine are not)
6x pink 1x1 flower studs (same issue as with the last parts)
6x of any colour 1x1 headlight bricks
1x white 2x2 parabola
1x white stick. This is definitely not what it is called so I’d recommend referring to the picture.
3x black joysticks
1x black 1x1 stud
1x trans-light blue 1x1 stud
1x black 1x1 brick with 4 side connectors (yet again, I don’t know the actual name for this)
1x white 1x1 stud
2x white 1x2 flat tiles
1x trans-blue flat stud
1x white 1x1 plate
1x white 1x1 flat slope
1x black 1x1 plate with horizontal clip
1x black motor element

Step 1: Chell Figure

Not much to do on this part, except to say that if the yellow parts are available in a more ‘fleshy’ colour, I’d change them to that.

Step 2: Companion Cube

Trivia: I have used the same technique here with the headlight bricks as in the Lego Creator Expert logo!

Step 3: Portal Gun

Step 4: Portal Gun Stand