Introduction: Lego Portal - Old Aperture Lift

About: Hello, I am a human that creates (mostly) Lego minifigure scale Lego models of things that when I search for them, there are no accurate results. So far, I am mainly focusing my account .That’s it so far. Also…

the reason for that is that is that the lifts in Portal 2 are all round, so this one is square.
And to be honest, it looks good square.
It looks like a lift, so what else is needed?
By the way I am aware of the bad quality of the image I have, I’ll put a better one here later


See picture.

Step 1: Platform

The simplest part.

Step 2: Poles

I noticed that after finishing this step, the model resembles a beheaded body. Tragic.

Step 3: Roof, But It Doesn’t Keep the Rain Out :(

The first step on my account to feature the 2x2 brick!

Step 4: Railings

The first (and only) safety feature!
I noticed that a strand of hair snook it’s way into some of the pictures...

Step 5: The Rest of the Old Aperture Models + This Lift!

Here is the picture of all of my old Aperture models I have made so far. You can find the instructions to all of them on my account!