Introduction: Lego Space HoverCraft

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This is a space hover craft I built.
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Step 1: Parts You'll Need

You'll need a lot of pieces. Some of them are not Lego, for example the grey hood, is some different type of Lego bricks.

Step 2: Connect the 4/6 Flat Plate to the 4/4&2 Slanted Brick

This is the base of the rocket, from here you'll attach everything to here.
Connect The 4/6 Flat Plate To The 4/4&2 Slanted Brick, or the different variations of bricks you have.

Step 3: 1/4 at the End

You are now going to add one 1/4 brick to the end of the ship.

Step 4: 1/1 on Each End

Your now going to attach a 1/1 plate at both ends of the 1/4 brick.

Step 5: Add on Two Slated Bricks

On top of each 1/1 your going to attach a 1/2 slanted brick to the ship. It has to attach to the end/s/ of the 1/4, and on the bottom, to the 1/1.

Step 6: 2/2 to Empty Space

You now have to simply attach a 2/2, to the gap created by the two 1/2 slanted bricks on the 1/4 brick. Make sure half of it hangs out over the edge of the space ship.

Step 7: Smoothen It Out

Your now going to attach two 1/2 FLAT tiles to the 1/4 gap made by the 1/2 slanted bricks.

And add a 1/2 tile to the 1/2 hanging of the end of your ship.

Step 8: Add a Second 1/4 Beside the Other One

Now, put a second 1/4 brick beside the first 1/4 brick.

Step 9: Add Two 1/2 on the Middle of the 1/4

Now just add two 1/2 tiles to the middle on top of each other of the 1/4 brick you just added.

Step 10: Add the Tail Wing

Now just simply add a tail to 2/3 at the back of the ship.

Step 11: 1/1 Slanted Brick on the Two Sides of 1/4

Now your going to add two different / preferably red and blue/ on both ends on the second 1/4 brick.

Step 12: Add a "seat"

I chose to add this type of "seat" but you can do whatever you want.

Step 13: Add Two Fences

Now add two fences on the ship.
It should be perpendicular to the second 1/4 brick.

Step 14: Add a Stealing Wheel

Put a steering wheel perpendicular to the two fences. Their should be a 2/2 "hole" in the middle for a mini figure.

Step 15: Now Add a 2/2 & 2/3

Now your going to add a 2/2 plate and a 2/3 plate in front of the steering wheel.

Step 16: 1/2 on Top of a 2/2 on a 2/2

Now add a 2/2 on top of the other 2/2. Once the 2/2 / 2 high / is done, put a 1/2 on top of the 2/2, but make sure that you put it as close as you can to the steering wheel.

Step 17: Add Two Grids

Now add two grids to the 1/2 by the steering wheel and the 1/2 below.

Step 18: Add Hub Cap

Now add any hub cap you want, I liked this and decided to put it on, but hey it's a free countries, do what you want.

Step 19: Add Two Wings.

Now your going to add two 2/4 plates on each side of the very first 2/4 holding the base of the ship together. The wings will hold the weapons.

Step 20: 1/1 and a 1/1 With Hook

Add a 1/1 to a 1/1 with a horizontal hook. Make sure the hook is on top.

Step 21: Gun Holder 1

As you can see in the picture, your going to add it close to the front of the ship, but toward the middle/ on the 2/2 wing BTW/

Step 22: Add Gun/ Camera

Now add the camera/ rpg to the horizontal hook on the wing.

Step 23: Adding Gun No. 2

Now your going to take a 1/2 with 1/2 studs on each side including the top and front, with a nozzle at the back

Step 24: Finishing Gun No. 2

Now on the front of the block on the wing, there is a stud, that's where your going to your 1/1 cylinder brick.

Step 25: Add the Turbo Engines

Now on the bottom of the space ship, you are going to put 3 turbo engines on the areas on the picture

Step 26: Starting Guns No. 3&4

Now take the brick with the guns on a 2/2 piece.

Step 27: Add Two Technic Pins

Now add a Lego technic pin on each gun.

Step 28: Add Two Technic Cylinders

Now add two Lego technic cylinders to the pins on the guns.

Step 29: Finishing the Guns.

Now add a 1/1 orange coloured plate to the technic cylinder.

Step 30: Add Them to the Front of the Ship

Now just add the guns to the front of the ship, underneath the base plate would be preferable.

Step 31: Wing Touches

Now your going to add a 1/2 and a 1/4 to the ship, try to have the 1/2 be a flat tile and put it on the front on the tail wing.

Step 32: Add the 1/4

Add the 1/4 plate to the back of the tail wing.

Step 33: Add the 1/2

Now add the flat tile 1/2 to the front of the ship.

Step 34: That's It!

That's it, that's how you build the hovercraft. Please leave a rating or a comment. Thanks for reading this instructable.