Introduction: How to Make Lego Puzzle Box No. 2 'Block'

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Hello! This is the second box in my puzzle box series. I made this one in late August 2015 when I wanted to make a traditional puzzle box with sliding panels, and many different moves.

It is an elegant box, with it's simple, soft colors. But just because it is simple on the outside, doesn't mean it's easy!
It took me 2.5 days to make this box, I hope you like it!
Not total hours, but how many days I worked on it.
Total hours would be... I'd say 7.

The instructions should be accurate because I took it apart to make a parts list, and rebuilded it according to this instructable. I fixed a few bugs I found in the instructions as well.

Internal 'maze'
Spring back button
Gravity lock

Nice size
Difficult if you don't know how to open it
Something on all 4 sides
Drawer stays in place
Top is removable with some maneuvering for fixing

Not that much storage
Gets stuck sometimes, but you can fix it easily by slapping it

Step 1: Opening and Closing the Box

This is how to open and close the puzzle box :)

See above for video

This goes by image number:
1: Find the sliding panel
2: Open it
3: Tilt the box to remove the 100$ bill (1x2 tile)
4: Turn the box around
5: Find the sliding tiles
6: Slide them to find a 1x1 tile stuck inside
7: Turn the box around and find the button
The button will not push in unless you...
8: Turn the box upside-down
9: Push the button
10: The tile is now in reach
11: Remove the 1x1 tile and replace it with the 1x2 tile, pushing the button back
12: Turn the box around, put the tile in where the 1x2 was and maneuver it through the 'maze'
13: Turn the box and find the other button
This button springs back, and will only push the drawer back when the tile is in the right spot. The button won't push in unless the other button is out.
14: Push the button, opening the drawer
15: Storage is now accessed
16: Put the drawer back in, remove the 1x2 and put the 1x1 back, pushing it in place with the 1x2, close up the tiles and return the 1x2 to it's spot.

Step 2: Parts List

Here are the parts I used to build mine.

Of course, you can substitute parts for others, as long as the box functions as it should. You don't need to have the exact numbers shown.

Total parts: 203

Total does not include non-Lego items.

***Plates: 106***

1x1: 7

1x2: 43

1x3: 6

1x4: 10

1x6: 13

1x8: 7

1x10: 3

2x2: 2

2x3: 5

2x4: 1

2x6: 1

4x4: 1

4x6: 4

6x8: 3

***Tiles: 47***

1x1 round: 2

1x1: 15

1x2: 20

1x3: 2

1x4: 1

1x6: 4

2x2: 3

***Special plates: 17***

1x2 with 1 stud: 4

Cheese slope (1x1 slope): 3

1x1 corner wall (See drawer on step 3): 2

1x4 wall (See drawer): 2

1x1 Stud: 6

***Bricks: 15***

1x1: 3

1x2: 7

1x3: 3

1x6: 2

***Special bricks: 18***

1x1 headlight: 1

1x1 with stud on side: 1

1x1 with technic peg hole(Or any 1x1 with a hole on the top stud): 1

1x2 log texture: 12

1x4 log texture: 3

***Misc.: 2***

Small rubber band (See step 3): 1

Some tape (I used packing tape): 1

Step 3: Building: Buttons and Parts

Build the special loose parts.
1 and 2: drawer
3 to 8: button
8 and 10: another button
11 and 12: sliding panel
13 and 14: part that prevents some pieces from falling out
15: part that makes the internal maze hard

Step 4: Building: First Layers

Build the basic layers.
1: The bottom panel is one plate thick. The layer under it holds together the loose plates and is also used for decoration. It is a border of white plates.
2: Make this border, don't forget about the tiles on the right
3: Add all this
4: Add these bricks, plates, and tiles, also make the thing on the left
5: Add the pieces along the top side, and add the thing you just made.
6: Complete the border.

Step 5: Building the Rest and Adding Internal Parts

Build the rest of the layers and add internal parts!
1: Get and make these parts.
2: Place 2 of the small ones here and get the block you made. The button goes on the left, see image 5 for details.
3: Place the last one here and add a 1x2 plate.
4: Put the block here.
5: Add these walls, and a 2x2 tile.
6: Add the wall piece you made, and add the tile and slope.
7: Add these 1x6 and 1x1 bricks. NOTE: The top 1x1 MUST have a hole on top. I used a technic brick. Make sure the hole in the technic brick is facing toward the side. The picture is wrong.
8: Add the drawer and this 1x2 tile. The 1x2 will not be connected to anything.
9: Add the button, the sliding panel, and these 1x2 tiles on the side.
10: Stretch the rubber band onto this stud. Careful, it may come off, because it is not attatched yet.

Note: Some parts, such as the button, will appear different from the ones you made. Ignore this, because I made an improvement on them which solved a bug that allowed you to open it just by pushing the back button hard. I did this after I took the pictures.

Step 6: Building: Finishing Up

Build the top!
1: Make a 12x8 plate, 2 plates thick.
2: Add a border for decoration.
3: Turn over Add the plates shown.
4: Turn and add the side bricks and plates. Note the orientation of the build.
5: Put it on top of the box.

Enjoy your box!

Step 7: Additional Pictures and Information

Additional pictures if you need more.
Again, ignore any different looking parts.
To be more clear, the parts I know I changed were:
The spring button
The drawer
The top piece

Some pieces have strips of tape on them to cause friction, as to not let them fall open.
The drawer
The sliding panel

Do not add friction to the spring button :)

If you have a change that you feel would have a positive effect on the box, please tell.

Step 8: Enjoy the Box!

Any feedback is well appreciated! :)
As long as it's not rude of course.